Our models are constructed from a set of PCBs that are connected through pin headers performing all mechanical and electrical connections. No additional soldering is needed. The plates are designed so that they can be used for more than one model. The models are compatible with the sets of TAMIYA, MIKROELEKTRONIKA’s CLICK boards and a lot of ARDUINO products. Some standard pin header inputs and outputs are available for connecting remote controls such as SPECTRUM. When using additional devices, models can be connected to mobile devices, cameras and more. The models can be powered  by variety of batteries with a voltage of 3.6V to 7.2 V. A number of additional details in the design provide maximum pleasure in the realization.  Some basic examples of control of each model are available. The examples are written in MikroC PRO for PIC language.

Our boards are labeled using following standard: Board Type – Additional Information – Basic Usage

For example: HB-B1-T01(Horizontal Board – Board 1 – Tractors,Tanks, Trucks of set 01)