1. Tractor Bluetooth control program

Program controls:

To establish Bluetooth connection, set the Bluetooth serial port from the “Available COM Ports” combo box and click “Connect”.

  1. Gearbox slider: 1-forward, N-neutral, R-Reverse direction
  2. Throttle slider: Use to set motors speed(0-10).
  3. Directions sliders: Pull down left or right slide  to turn smoothly left or right.
  4. Left and right pedals: Press left or right pedal to turn left or right.
  5. Brake pedal: Stoping motors and seting throttle to “0”.
  6. Headlight slider: Swithes light ON/OFF or set “AUTO light” mode to swith light ON only when direction is forward.
  7. Indoor ceiling slider: Swithes ON/OFF indoor light.
  8. Beep button. A short buzzer beep will be generated every time when the button is pressed.
  9. Tractor accessories slider: Set tractor accessories(if added) position: UPNeutral, DownAuto.
  10. Camera slider: Swith ON/OFF a USB(or remote) camera if it is connected. The camera picture will be displayed in the indoor view window. An additional “Snapshot” button will be added, to take and save images.


2. Tractor Bluetooth Exaple for PIC18F24K50

Example includes implementation of Bluetooth communication to control tractor robot. The commands are sent as single character commands by Tractor Bluetooth control program. The tractor can: go forward, backward, turn left and right, shange speed, headlights can be turned uthomatically or manually ON/OFF, indoor light can be switched ON/OFF, beep. Reverse light can be added and will be switched on when the tractor goes backward. Tractor is protected from ahed by digital distance sensor and will stop if a barrier appears.